Duchess Leanan

The enchanting and ephemeral Changelings of the Twin Shores Duchy
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Duchess Leanan

Post by Boann » Mon Aug 20, 2018 5:48 pm

Name: Duchess Leanan Ap Gwydion
Species: Fae; Sidhe
Title/Rank: Duchess
Height: 5'8
Weight/Build: Lithe
Apparent Age: late twenties?
Eye Color: blue
Hair Color: chocolate brown
Distinguishing Characteristics:
Graceful, elegant, regal, and extremely beautiful, unearthly so. She is tall and thin, with pleasing angular features, and tapered pointed ears. Her hair is deep chocolate brown with red highlights. Her skin is flawless and tanned and she walks with ease and a fighters grace.
General Public Knowledge:
She is the duchess of Minnesota
She is married to the Righ Sean McGourty deeded Sounds the Horn elder galliard of the Fianna. Their marriage is a political one and she has given him four children.
Seamus, deeded Fire on the Wind (garou)
Annabelle (kin)
Tristan (kin)
Killian (sidhe)
Along with her personal guards she also has a pack of 7 rather large dogs. The dogs are resemble Tibetan Mastiffs and they are extremely intelligent. The 'alpha' is the largest (just a few hairs smaller than a regularlly sized hispo wolf) and shows more intelligence than the others. The duchess and him are inseparable and she calls him Mouse.

Character Theme Song:






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