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Seelie Legacies

¶ Bumpkin: Common sense and plain dealing are your way.
¶ Courtier: The whirl of politics and intrigue excites you.
¶ Crafter: Making something you’re proud of fires your heart.
¶ Dandy: You love setting trends and getting attention.
¶ Hermit: A recluse at heart, you’d rather be left alone.
¶ Orchid: Purity and delicacy have a beauty all their own.
¶ Paladin: You live for the challenge of proving your skill.
¶ Panderer: Making others happy brings you joy.
¶ Regent: Some are born to rule, and you always take charge.
¶ Sage: Wisdom is good, but it’s even better when it’s shared.
¶ Saint: You seek to alleviate the suffering of others, even when
it costs you.
¶ Squire: You are a natural sidekick, the perfect right hand.
¶ Troubadour: Life is an art form, and love is its practice.
¶ Wayfarer: Why stay put when there’s so much to see out there?

Unseelie Legacies

¶ Beast: Nobody ever disobeys you twice.
¶ Fatalist: Nothing matters; why can’t anyone else see that?
¶ Fool: Don’t take life too seriously, no matter what.
¶ Grotesque: You love the thrill of shocking and appalling others.
¶ Knave: A pusher to the end, you love to see how far others will go.
¶ Outlaw: Rules only get in the way of getting what you want.
¶ Pandora: You live to uncover secrets, even if it’s a dangerous idea.
¶ Peacock: As long as everyone realizes you’re the best, everything
will be fine.
¶ Rake: Your appetites will never be sated, but you do love to try.
¶ Riddler: Wisdom easily earned isn’t worth anything, so you tease
and test others.
¶ Ringleader: You’re the boss, and you make damn sure everyone
knows it.
¶ Rogue: Chaos is your favorite tune, and you love to play it.
¶ Savage: The natural order reveals who is truly worthy.
¶ Wretch: You find a certain comfort in knowing you are the low-
est of the low.
Fae storyteller

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