Welcome to the Twin Shores

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Welcome to the Twin Shores

Post by Dagda » Sat Aug 18, 2018 7:26 pm

Welcome to Twin Shores, a oWoD game combing the Werewolf and Changeling genres and operating from W20 and C20 editions.

Twin Shores is based in the city of Two Harbors, Minnesota. The game centers around the Twin Shores, a joined Changeling freehold and Fianna sept serving as a bastion of both these groups amid the sea of dominance that is Minnesota by the Get of Fenris, traditional adversaries of both the Fianna and the Sidhe Changelings. This dominance by the Fenrir has forced the minions of the Wyrm to be particularly cunning, but it also has meant that the Fenrir have been free revisit old grudges against both the Fianna and Sidhe.

This led to the marriage which brought about the Twin Shores. Calling upon ancient pacts and looking to mutual defense, Sidhe and Fianna came together and sealed their alliance through the marriage of Righ Sean McGourty and Duchess Leanan, bringing their two peoples together in the Twin Shores Manor, a freehold of fae magic securing a Gaian caern. But not all are content with this state of affairs. Among both Changelings and Fianna there are those who oppose this union, and the risk of renewed conflict with the Fenrir is ever-present. And beneath all that, the minions of darkness remain ever present, looking for their opportunity to strike at the children of Gaia and the Dreaming both.

This is where your characters come in. Given the disadvantaged state of the Twin Shores relative to their powerful neighbor, new members of sept and freehold are welcomed. Despite Twin Shores being a Fianna sept, Garou of all tribes are welcomed (though Fenrir might be looked upon warily). Similarly, all manner of kith might find welcome within the duchesses freehold. While enemies abound to be fight with claw, blade and magic, the political reality means that there is opportunity for the politically savvy character as well, Changeling and Garou both.

Welcome to the Twin Shores!
Werewolf Storyteller

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