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Sir Abel Nox

Posted: Fri Aug 24, 2018 10:18 pm
by Boann
Name: Abel Nox Ap Gwydion
Species: Fae; Sidhe
Title/Rank: Knight
Height: 6'0
Weight/Build: lean, athletic
Apparent Age: early twenties
Eye Color: blue
Hair Color: Blonde
Distinguishing Characteristics:
He's a pale man but none the less regal and handsome looking.
General Public Knowledge:
Sworn to The duchess to guard and protect her only daughter Annabelle. He has never said a word and is a silent guardian to Annabelle.
He has the Master Sword.
There are dozens of rumors surrounding this knight. From he was castrated as a infant or as an adult (some even say the Duchess did it herself, some say the Righ, others think the knights parents did it)
Character Theme Song:
Coming soon