Submitting Your Character

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Submitting Your Character

Post by Dagda » Sat Aug 18, 2018 8:22 pm

Once you sign up and are ready to create your character, PM both myself and Boann with what kind of character you want to play and an idea of your concept, and we will create a character forum for you. Templates for character creation are available in this forum. In order to be cleared for play, you MUST submit and have approved:

1. A completed character sheet;

2. A full backstory - this needs to be something substantive that gives an essence of who your character is and what they have been through. It can't be just a paragraph, bullet point or timeline. We are looking for at least roughly a written page of content, and please keep in mind when writing your background that your exploits should be those of a starting character - don't go crazy writing your character accomplishments they couldn't have performed, and remember that your character's greatest achievements should be things that happen in the game, not before they ever arrived;

3. An avatar for your character account (keep this in mind when choosing your avatar);

4. A signature which includes the information other characters would know by looking at your character, such as height, build, rage (if applicable), pure breed (if applicable), fae seeming (if applicable, and if so, please make this in an OOC notation, to reflect it would not be visible to all), etc.

After all four of these things are done, you will be given permission to begin roleplay. If you haven't been told you are clear to begin, please do not start posting. It won't be a mystery when your character is ready to enter play, we will tell you.
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