Tribe Availability

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Tribe Availability

Post by Dagda » Thu Aug 16, 2018 2:58 am

All information is strictly OOC. You'll still need appropriate Lores to know that some of these tribes exist(ed).

Tribes of the Garou Nation:
Black Furies [Open]

Black Spiral Dancers [Banned]

Bone Gnawers [Open]

Bunyip [Extinct]

Children of Gaia [Open]

Croatoan [Extinct]

Fianna [Open]

Get of Fenris [Open]

Glass Walkers [Open]

Red Talons [Restricted]

Shadow Lords [Open]

Silent Striders [Open]

Silver Fangs [Open]

StarGazer [open]

Uktena [Open]

Wendigo [Open]

White Howlers [Extinct]

Fera are not being accepted at this time.
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