Garou Character Creation Steps

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Garou Character Creation Steps

Post by Dagda » Thu Aug 16, 2018 2:53 am

Please review our House Rules before making a character. Ignorance of the House Rules - and concepts that don't mesh with the Game Setting or House Rules - will be frowned upon, and will affect your ability to get your concept approved. There are rules within this listing that will impact the way you are allowed to create your character such as limits on Willpower.

Currently Encouraging:
All tribes – see tribe availability list
Metis concepts
Homid concepts
Lupus – Backgrounds for Lupus must be good, detailed and a sample of RP is required. These are not dogs, a basic understanding of wolves is needed, and more will be expected. We want our lupus to be wolves, not just an avenue to min/max character build.

Currently Restricted:

Cubs: Holding these for brand new players who want to get their feet wet in the Genre
Pure Breed: for all but Silver Fang (Subject to approval, let's not get carried away). Every point will require additional background to reflect the ancestors.
Fetishes: (All are subject to approval) nothing above level 3
Personal Totems: (Lone Wolf concepts are not welcome)
Explosives not feasibly made at home. (molotovs yes. C4 no.)
Resources above 2 (Will need a history and concept that makes sense. Corporate wolf? We'll consider it. Silver Fang with a rich mummy and daddy? Possibly. It has to make sense.)
Influence - No influence is ever allowed at character creation: This is something we want our kinfolk to eventually be knee deep in to help 'the cause'. Garou shouldn't be concerning themselves with the world of man - that should be left to the mostly human branch of their family tree. There will be some exceptions for Glass Walkers, Shadow Lords, and possible Silver Fangs, but by and large, this is an area best left to the Kinfolk.
Spirit Heritage: It must make sense, and can be refused. Everyone shouldn't be running around with it.

Not Allowed [please do not ask]:

Silver weapons : Silver is rare, very rare. And not something a new character will have at creation.
Klaives. You are a new character, you don't have one. Period. Otherwise, not much.
Will update this list as needed.

A note on Pure Breed
Pure breed is rare and more than that it's very, very important to Garou as it determines the 'nobility' of your characters blood. Garou will automatically recognize a character with Pure Breeding and will pay you slightly more attention. How Pure Breed manifests is left entirely to roleplay (can be a smell, can be a noble bearing, can be a resemblance to famous tribal elders - whatever) Kinfolk with pure breeding are considered a great prize when it comes to mating as your pure breed score figures rather substantially into the chances for conceiving a Garou child. For every level of pure breed your character has the chance of producing a true born offspring with a Werewolf partner increased by 5% - keep in mind that these are the end times and there are less and less Garou being born, so this increase in chances is important.
Kinfolk / Garou with this background are expected to act and behave according to their lineage, kin who fail to do this risk the scorn and reprimand of their Garou (and sometimes kin) cousins. What does this mean? You know who and what you are, you know you are expected to marry/mate within your tribe. You are not going to be sleeping around, because your value to the Nation will have been pounded into you as a child and been told such behavior is unacceptable. Forbidden romances with member not of your tribe, forbidden. This is not a sink hole stat to just dump freebies.

Merits and Flaws (10 points max)

Merits and Flaws will be considered on a case by case basis for the time being. Please be aware that you may be asked to change your Merits or Flaws if they do not mesh with your concept and backstory. If you're stuck on a particular Merit/Flaw, check with me first.
Currently off limits:
Iron will
Any merit/flaw that negates a specific gift/disciplines. Also merits like Silver Tolerance, Medium and other such supernatural merits will be restricted and require substantial justification.
No 5s for a new Character, regardless of rank. Keep in mind you might see Fae/Fae-blooded characters with attributes in this range, but that is due to racial bonuses rather than the actual score purchased.

Cliath Stats.

These characters are made directly from the rules in the Werewolf the Apocalypse 20th Anniversary Core Rulebook.

By the numbers:
Attributes: 7/5/3
Abilities: 13/9/5
Backgrounds: 5
Gifts: 3 level one gifts
Rage/Gnosis/Willpower: As per Auspice/Breed/Tribe.
Maximum Rage = Auspice +2
Maximum Gnosis = 5
Maximum Willpower = 6
Renown: Starting level Cliath renown for Auspice
Lore: Cliaths start with 3 free points in Lore to be distributed as follows: 1 point in Tribal Lore, 1 point in Garou Lore, 1 point in something else. No starting lores above 1.
Freebies: 15

Freebie Points
Trait Cost
Attributes 5 per dot
Abilities 2 per dot
Backgrounds 1 per dot
Gifts 7 per dot (Level 1 only)
Rage 1 per dot
Gnosis 2 per dot
Willpower 1 per dot
Werewolf Storyteller

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