Earning Experience

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Earning Experience

Post by Dagda » Sat Aug 18, 2018 8:26 pm

Each month players earn a certain number of experience points. XP points can be used to buy stuff for your character sheet (like skills, attributes, etc, not like cars or friends). To spend XP, please post your prospective spend in your experience thread in your character's personal forum. Below are the rules of earning XP and the prices for XP buys.

How to Earn Experience:
Monthly Posts - 5 XP
Literary Posts - 0-2 XP per Literary Post*
Player recruitment - 5 XP per approved and active players (awarded once recruited player has entered active play for 3+ month)
Accomplishing a goal - 2 XP
Role Player nods - 0-1 per Nod*
Storyteller nods - 3 XP per person. Up to 2 people per month may be acknowledged
Backgrounds - Up to 15 XP (must be awarded before character leaves introductory scene)

*Literary posts and Roleplaying Nods will not exceed a combined total of 5 XP per month. Whether XP is awarded will depend on if the literary post or shout out is substantive - a single paragraph lit will likely not be awarded XP, and similarly if you are doing something like simply shouting out your pack or motley mates each month just as an XP grab, that will not be rewarded.
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